I firmly believe that Successful solutions are built on three fundamentals



The right people and real engagement from business stakeholders.

Transparent, uncomplicated and
clear processes.

Systems that incorporate people needs and underpin processes in an efficient manner.


To focus on only one of the above is to ignore a significant factor which will impact on the success of your project.

  • Pure technology development will focus on usability and technology which is ‘to the minute’. Technology on it’s own does not resolve all ills.
  • Enterprise solutions need to have effective user interfaces, up to date technology and logical interaction with the processes to hand.
  • Processes without technology become cumbersome and resource heavy.

To this end I provide the following services

Project Management

Provision of consultancy and/or Project Management services for project delivery, project structure and reporting, trouble shooting and process improvement.  Working with teams to improve team performance and project delivery or establishing project management practice and collateral where none currently exists.

Provision of full RFP process engagement from requirements definition through to system implementation.

Business and Executive Coaching

Provision of business coaching services to help organisations and individuals enhance their potential and scale their business to face operating challenges.