HRIS Selection – RFP and Demos

Engagement with vendors can take a number of forms. Formal RFP/RFT processes or more informal requirements gap analysis and demos. This article provides an overview of both approaches.

HRIS Selection – Check out the market

Previous posts dealt with HRIS requirements and HRIS search criteria.  Ahead of issuing an RFP a little bit of market research will be well worth the effort.   Be warned this can take time. If you have the budget and licences make use of suppliers such as Gartner, Forrester or IDC which conduct research and have…

HRIS Selection – Requirements – why oh why?

Requirements are the bedrock of your HRIS selection process. If you don’t have a clear view of your business needs how will you know if you are investing in a solution which will work for your business?

HRIS Selection – Project Team

As part of Project Initiation you need to establish resources for the HRIS selection process. Larger enterprises – start pulling in the right resources to establish your team. For example Key Stakeholders for support, view of strategy and future business needs. Business Analyst/s for requirements gathering and process definition. Project Manager to ensure successful delivery of the…